Health Claims Management Software optimizes Claims Processing with Automated Solutions

Jan 29 · 2 min read

Health & Benefit Payers utilize Health Claims Management Software insurance to facilitate time-consuming problems, eradicate operational inefficiencies, cut maintenance and training costs, and advance the customer experience. Such claim management software offers effective claims processing & allows the elimination of untimely and error-prone paper and email-based operations with automated solutions.

DataGenix ClaimScape Products Suite offers complete software for all aspects of Health Claims Processing and Benefits Administration taking all communications, data, and processes into a unified working environment. The Health Claims Management Software was developed to build & deploy automated end-to-end claims processes that are highly automated and intelligent, agile, and ready to deliver ROI.

Drive down Unproductive Manual Processes with automated processing

Its “ClaimScape Claims and Benefit Application” allows TPAs, IPAs, Self- administered employer groups, health insurance companies & Managed Care companies to easily create intelligent, dynamic and clean claims that fully capture company objectives, use integrated solutions to drive automated processes and fulfill the need for flexible, cost-efficient, high performance, claims processing system. It allows the users to quickly & easily automate claims processing to improve clean claim rates, decrease revenue leakage and cut down the time-consuming manual procedures.

The ClaimScape Products Suite includes four tools that work together seamlessly to allow electronic submission, payment management, real-time status checks on health insurance claims currently being processed, and advanced claim adjudication with automated processing.

Timely & precise customized claim reports

DataGenix Health Claims Management Software offers ranges of features to simplify and automate your healthcare claims processing workflow and delivers timely & precise customized claim reports. It offers support for international markets & currencies & decreases the number of exceptions & rejected claims.

Charts can be added or changed on the fly to monitor with the “ClaimScape TPA Dashboard System”. The application permits to track things like Claims, Customer Service, and Preauthorization Activity with the feasibility of Single Click Drill-down to display data elements and export to excel.

Health Claim Management Software manages secondary claims work

DataGenix ClaimScape Products Suite manages secondary claims work through the automatic generation of secondary claims and explanation of benefits (EOB) from the primary settlement information. It provides quick access to claims history, unattended claims auto adjudication capability, electronic claims queue processing from electronic links or import files such as 837 or CSV, built-in support for scanned claims and rapid & flexible benefit setup.

The Health Claims Management Software is a complete customer-centric healthcare claims solution offering end-to-end capabilities for complete claims control. It delivers measurable benefits to health & benefit payers with its fully-featured but easy to use interface. The claims software has allowed reducing claim processing software costs and offering automated benefits processing & administration to the clients.


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Datagenix provides complete software for all aspects of Health Claims Processing and Benefits Administration for Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

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