Why working at Startups become a priority option for almost all millennials?

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It’s commonly happen in current condition where most of millennials turning right their steering wheel and stopping by in startups parking lot.

If you see a lot of friend of yours having a good time and enjoying their situation in startup, then you might be jealous, aren’t you? No I’m just kidding!

When it comes to the classic dilemma for job-seeker between startup and corporate, there’s always a bunch of reasons for each option. It’s like a part of life whether you are going to have a career in startup or corporate. 
Before you decide what place that suits you the most, you need to research about how startup provides great experience for its member.

Before going too far away, let’s have a look on how the condition of startups.

Startups judge you based on your intellectuality

Either use t-shirt or shirt, chinos or jeans, formal or casual shoes, you won’t be judged by your appearance and outfit. Startups value you more based on what’s inside your brain and capacity to deal with something challenging. Merit system is idea that startup uphold to run the business alive.

Your idea will be accommodated and even if it’s not, somehow you are given chances to develop it more!

Startups envision its member to be more attractive and pro-active in delivering ideas. Don’t be hesitating on delivering thoughts or opinion as long as the reasons behind your idea are pretty strong. Before delivering thoughts, make sure you have collected issues and problems that matter, and then find out the solution to fix every single stone.

Opportunities are everywhere

You can get more and more opportunities when you work in startups, for example in term of networking, media for learning and so on. You will get more chance to have a spotlight in the arena.

Your CEO, co-workers and experience are your mentors

You will feel lucky when you have more than one mentor at your work space. You could see how the effect of having many mentors can create double or triple impact to your development as human and as member of the team.

Fair games are validated

It’s the nature of millennials that they actually really hate manipulation, corruption, non-transparency system and weak accountability. The character of millennial generation is more realistic and they rely on the idea of real process and result. Every single baby step is counted.

Then, the main question is, why working at Startups become a priority option for almost all millennials?

Working at startup looks sexy, at least it’s one of statement that describe how startup become viral and turns out to be phenomena in the technology era and digitalization world nowadays.

Generation in this era love doing something flexible, their mindset are somehow unpredictable and more dynamic. The way they delivering ideas are too anti-mainstream and beyond imagination.

Millennials love to live freely. They love wearing casual or informal outfits unlike working in corporate. They love exploring new things and finding out solution for certain issues. Regarding that reality, startup atmosphere provides flexibility and great place for millennial to develop themselves as employee.

Networking panel are quite intense in startup world, this engages millennials to connect with other people to build more new things in the end of the day. Besides, startups dominantly using technology to leverage its idea in diminishing particular issues.