SuperTag v3.10.0 has been released

The latest version of SuperTag has been released. Please keep reading for the latest updates to the platform.

New deployment option: Standard CDN

We have added support for another deployment option via our standard Cloudfront CDN. This will be the default CDN for all new projects and accounts on the free tier. Free accounts will also not be able to switch to the TurboBytes Premium CDN without upgrading to the paid tier.

The main difference between the Standard Cloudfront CDN and the Turbobytes Premium CDN is that the Standard option does not have failover features and has fewer network nodes.

New SuperTag versions will appear faster through the CDN

Now when you deploy your projects, we will send a Purge CDN request, which will clear cached files on our CDNs. This means that your users will receive a new version of your SuperTag project earlier than current times. The standard time used to be between 6 and 11 minutes for a full refresh on the CDN. This time is now varies between 1 and 6 minutes.

Manage API keys

A new page has been added that can be accessed via the project menu allowing you to manage API keys for your project.

Projects limits

As part of the rollout of the SuperTag account tiers, we have introduced project limits. Companies on the free plan canot create more than 5 projects and have more than 3 collaborators.

Other changes

  • Company admins can invite other users as company admin (was previously only available for company owners)
  • Bug fix: 500 error in Get Started form for some users
  • Bug fix: Can’t add rule from tag tree view
  • Bug fix: Company with the same name as a deleted company cannot be created
  • Bug fix: Two plus icons are shown on Events container
  • Fixed broken markup layout when tag name is too long in tag tree view
  • Deleted rule bound data objects. All existing data object were converted to custom JS data objects
  • Fixed a bunch of others small CSS issues
  • Bug fix: Incorrect install code for self hosting projects (new UI only)
  • Adjusted date & time formats in several places to show both full date and user friendly representations
  • Removed install wizard from the install an application page
  • Added copy install code button
  • Fixed a security issue: Users can keep working in one tab even if they are logged out in another tab
  • Added a UI warning message when trying to access resources that were deleted from database

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Originally published at on December 6, 2016.