Thank you Marc!

Java is super interesting culturally, and few people really look in that direction. Java could have owned the web but they (Sun [et al]) had a lot of issues executing plans and having necessary vision.

Despite many missteps, Java is a “ready to go” solution for scaling. The necessary duct-taping and “roll your own” approach is generally absent in Java. At the same time Java is one of the biggest security holes for desktop. Then again, a flavor is the backbone for majority mobile. Of all the languages I feel that Java is one you can flip-flop over and over declaring use case “perfect” and/or “prefect fail”.

I don’t work in Java, but I am acutely aware of its value, down falls, and the culture type of the many dev flavors in the ecosystem. I write a lot on software, much of it is internal documents and never reaches the public. I have much to say…

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