Entrepreneur Case Study

The Solopreneur Working Online

Stella Gooch (T/A Stella Gooch Social) is a sole trader who supports businesses with their online presence using a mix of marketing consultancy, online audits, content creation for blogs, web pages, social media, and workshops.

Stella had a been struggling with her data protection business aspects under the guidance of a solicitor working online. She found it difficult to find the time to focus on this. When she did it “hurt her head” (her words) and did not aid her understanding of her legal obligations around data protection so she used the generic draft supplied by the solicitor.

The Challenge

Thoroughly confused, Stella was referred to Phil Brown at C J International Services Ltd through a BNI connection. She wanted to understand how to meet her legal obligations and to provide an accurate and easy to understand privacy statement.

The Solution

Phil and Stella met over Zoom and Phil explained what her obligations were in simple terms. Stella answered questions about her day-to-day data handling as well as her business processes and systems used. Some recommendations were discussed whilst some specific areas were clarified. Using Stella’s responses, a meaningful privacy statement was drafted specifically relevant to her unique business offering.

Phil and Stella then had a second, shorter meeting, again on Zoom, where Phil answered further questions and ensured that Stella fully understood her legal obligations. Then, working with Stella, the original draft was tweaked, and Phil went on to create two versions of her privacy statement — one for posting on her website and the other for sending to her clients.

The outcome meant that Stella had a much better understanding of what she needed to do. The previous confusing policy was replaced with a privacy statement that complied with the stated requirements, that she understood and one that was relevant to her business. What is more, Stella was confident that existing and new clients, plus any new site visitors, would also be able to understand it too.

After sales service — I am always available to advise Stella and other solopreneurs about any data protection concerns. As the business evolves, this support can be on a PAYG or a retainer basis and include implementation of privacy strategies, conducting online and in-house staff awareness training and even post data breach intervention.


Stella said:

“As someone who works online supporting other businesses to achieve and develop a solid online presence through their written content and digital strategy plans, Stella Gooch Social, needs to retain personal data which falls under the UK GDPR regulations. It is important to my business that such data is managed in an appropriate manner and my clients and business colleagues are confident of this.

From the moment GDPR legislation came into force, I used a templated policy written by a solicitor for Virtual Assistants which was way over my head (and I am pretty bright really!). It was intended to be a temporary fix until I could find the time to review it and make appropriate adjustments to make it all clear and easily understood. However, every time I tried to do this my head hurt. It seemed to be too much to get my head around.

Once Phil and I had our first conversation, it was clear he was going to make the whole process simple and meaningful, and he made sure I understood it all every step of the way. It was such a relief to know that my privacy statement is very clear for myself, my current and future clients and that I can be confident that my privacy statement is UK GDPR compliant. Phil quickly drafted the text, explained everything in full such that I can now easily explain my policy to others.

What’s more, I also signed up for Phil’s online Data Breach Management Course costing just £25 plus VAT (for a licence). The course was equally straightforward and easy to understand. The course describes data protection legislation in a meaningful real-life context. This greatly aided my understanding and allowed me to apply it in the context of my own business so that I am better prepared to deal with data breaches should they occur.

Many thanks Phil. I am delighted to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues for your outstanding UK GDPR consultation services, and I do.”