Services of the Datamation in Resource Mobilization

Let’s take a look about Datamation!

What role does Datamation plays in support services in resource mobilization and fund raising?

We develop an understanding and comprehensive knowledge base of the Charity’s Community Development Action areas.

1. We offer full range of top notch, modern and comprehensive fund raising services and are able to strategize, expand and sustain Charity’s direct marketing programs for effective Resource Mobilization (RM).

2. We provide training and ability developing services in Resource Mobilization.

3. We offer Local Resource Mobilization (LRM) strategic advisory services by working in close partnership with the charity.

Our strength in Resource Mobilization –

1. Experience and proven track record of working with various International and Indian Charities in fund raising

2. Developing a robust RM base

3. Unparallel understanding of social development challenges

4. Deployment of innovative Program implementation strategy with the Development Agencies

Our clients –

1. Asia-Pacific Regional Offices


3. CRY-Child Relief and You

4. Red Cross


6. Save the children

7. Helpage India

8. Deepalaya

9. Green pace

10. SOS Children Villages of India

11. Wildlife SOS and so on…

Our offerings and Services –

Offerings –

(i) Resource Mobilization Strategy Development — helping NGOs in defining their resource mobilization strategies, objectives and goals.

(ii) Resource Mobilization Strategy Deployment & Sustained Training & Capacity Building Support Services — implementation of strategy by training NGOs in various components of fund raising. We have conducted 50+ workshops covering following topics -

1. Development Communication

2. Digital Communication and Social Media enabled Fund Raising

Support — We offer time-tested fund raising campaign implementation support on social, digital media and traditional fund-raising through mail and also crowd sourcing.

(i) Database compilation and Selection — After researching, we select a resource and deploy a creative research based methodology for database compilation and selection.

(ii) Database Selection — It comprises of two steps — Database Creation and Database Management.

Services — We provide top notch services in the field of

(i) Creative Content — Produce innovative ideas for testing social and digital media and print campaigns.

(ii) Web sites, portal and Social Networking Deployment — Deployment of social networking tools like Twitter, You Tube, Facebook etc.

(iii) Letter Shopping, E-Broadcasting and fulfillment

(iv) Quality control in E- broadcasting and letter shopping

(v) Ensuring response maximization

(vi) Quality Control