The Eurovision Song Contest started out as a technological experiment for live tv broadcast across Europe in 1956, but has grown to become an institution, a mass spectacle of kitsch and glam with hundreds of millions of viewers across the globe. But there is one thing that is consistently blamed for ruining the competition: block voting. But exactly what are the blocks, and how big influence do they have? Let’s try and find out!

Overview of recent competitions

Before identifying any blocks, we’ll have a look at past winners to get a sense for what is going on. Below are maps showing, for the…

Data these days can become a behemoth of a beast, unwieldy in nature with more tentacles wrapped around different bits of information than you know how to manage. Here are 5 areas where data science can help you leverage uncharted insights from your data kraken.

1. Building customer loyalty and retention

At the heart of it, your data is the voice of your customers telling you what they want, when they want it, how and why. A data scientist is able to analyse data and from it explain to the business what your customers are telling you. …

Recruiting data scientists can be a big challenge. Often companies are keen to employ good people who know how to make the best use of their data, but don’t know how to choose them. We’ve put down our thoughts on data science recruitment and some simple tips.

What makes recruiting data scientists difficult?

A lot of people are unclear about what it is exactly that data scientists actually do. Certainly, this must make things harder for the recruiter. However, other factors make recruiting harder too:

  • The terminology is unfamiliar.
  • Interview panel members may not know how to test candidates on their knowledge.
  • Not all data scientists…

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