A simple BI tool anyone can use

One of the barriers to bringing an organisation onto a BI system is the difficulty involved in uploading data.

Consider Qlik; it’s a well established cloud and desktop based system. It’s been around for years and has thousands of users. The company was worth $3bn when recently acquired.

So you’d think that they would have figured out how to promote user engagement by making it easy and accessible to use. But unfortunately, that was not the case when I tried it in my former company.

They opted for the ‘affordable’ solution, only $20/user/month — but this comes with severely limited functionality.

To upload data to the Qlik Sense ‘cloud’, first you need to download a desktop client. That’s right — before any users can upload data they need to download a 270mb application and install it.

Sorry, but this is 2016, not 1996! I don’t want to download and install something, I just want to upload my data.

The result of this was that the only person using the tool to share data was the full time business analyst who had figured out how to use the desktop app. Everyone else stuck with the hodgepodge of Excel and Google Docs that Qlik was supposed to replace.

One of the things we want to do at Datamo is solve the engagement problem by making things as easy to use as possible.

Anyone can upload data in seconds. There’s no need to download heavy software and figure out how to use it. Just upload your CSV and you’re done.

What this means is that 1) anyone can upload data and create charts and dashboards, leading to genuine engagement in the tool throughout the company, and 2) you don’t need a dedicated (and expensive) full time BI employee to understand the tool.

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear about your experiences getting the whole company to genuinely engage in collaborative business intelligence.