Welcomes Arnold Nipper as an Advisor is growing its global footprint in the internet space. As this occurs, it becomes imperative to build partnerships and alliances.

This is why we are ecstatic to welcome Arnold Nipper, Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist (CTE) at DE-CIX, as an advisor.

Arnold Nipper has been a force for progress in the European internet community. He is a founder of RIPE, DE-CIX, and Chairman of IV-DENIC, the current DENIC in Frankfurt am Main predecessor. These ventures have helped shape the current internet backbone landscape.

DE-CIX is the largest internet exchange point in the world. What makes DE-CIX unique is its structure. It is a data center neutral exchange. Essentially a marketplace to exchange traffic and form peering agreements. DE-CIX has expanded this structure throughout Europe and has a location in the United States.

This importance of this structure is the advocation of net neutrality. The free flow of information and data, unencumbered by commercial interests.

RIPE is a coordination center for internet protocols (IPs) and autonomous systems (AS). Both of which are fundamental to the structure of the internet.

Arnold Nipper has played an integral role in the establishment and function of both entities. He brings a wealth of knowledge about the internet and its structure to the team. is changing how the internet routes traffic. Bringing Arnold Nipper on as an advisor provides needed insight to navigate the complex world of internet service providers (ISPs). All internet traffic currently runs over border gateway protocol best path selection. is re-engineering this to send internet traffic over the fastest route. is working to give you the option of choosing your internet route based on latency, bandwidth, and internet transit cost.

With Arnold Nipper as an advisor, is one step closer to accomplishing its mission.

Making the internet faster.

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