New console is alive! Try it now

Today is the DAY! We launched completely new console for traffic optimization. The main characteristics of this solution are impressive:

  • 90% faster routes than AWS
  • 2 min setup
  • no downside deployment
  • no infrastructure changes
  • DDoS protection
  • cost neutral
  • soft failover to AWS

Setup Process in 3 steps

Here you will find the tutorial which will guide you through the quick setup process. Now it is very easy — there is no place to make any mistake.

The entire setup process will take just 2 minutes without downside deployment and any infrastructure changes. Start step-by-step integration with your AWS infrastructure:

Step 1. Connect to AWS.

Automatically create IAM user and policy via CloudFormation. Press the button „Create CloudFormation stack“. The token will copy to your clipboard and AWS account settings will open in a new tab.

Step 2. Create a new Stack.

Click Next on the first page Select Template.

On the Specify Details Page, paste the token inside the Token Parameter field.

You can finish the Cloud Formation stack wizard without any further changes. As soon as the stack creation is completed, you will be automatically forwarded to the next step.

Wait a bit until it will be finished.

Step 3. Select VPCs in supported region

Then just enable.

Done! That’s all.

From now traffic will be routed via AWS DirectConnect to’s programmable routing engine, choosing the best performing routes.

You will see the improvement at the real-time performance map: the result is an overall reduction of Internet latency of up to 60%!

It is important to mention that your AWS IP addresses will be kept and the connection will be DDoS-protected.

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