What is Network Orchestration

Jun 9, 2017 · 2 min read
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Network Orchestration, also known as Software-defined networking (SDN) Orchestration is the process of automatically programming the behavior of the network, so that the network smoothly coordinates with the hardware and the software elements to further support applications and services.

The main idea behind Network Service Orchestration is to separate the network services from the network components, however automatically configuring the network as per the service specifications provided.

Need for Orchestration Services

The Service providers are really stressed, on the contrary, high traffic volume and reclining infrastructure have made network management expensive and complex. Also, increasing competition has lowered the profit margin and forcing the service providers to bring new services quickly.

The Service Orchestration reduces the time taken to design and deploy new services and finally makes the real-time service provisioning possible. Network Orchestration provides a better alternative to remove the bloated OSS (Operational support system) with something more agile, because every time a service provider would integrate or add any new device, they would modify the OSS with a new custom code and overtimes OSS grew until it has now become bloated which makes it extremely costly and slow to add new services and devices and further make real-time provisioning extremely difficult. Moreover, OSS often requires manual involvement which adds extra cost and slowdowns the process.

How does SDN Orchestration works

Orchestration platforms can include several types of Open source software, which are built using common APIs that could tie into standard networking technologies. Some of the companies which develop and supply SDN orchestration tools are Big Switch, CENX, Cyan, Overture Networks and Anuta Networks and much more.

SDN Orchestration involves coordinating software with an SDN Controller, which in turn is built using Open Source technology like OpenDaylight. The controller can also be programmed to make automatic decisions regarding the network in the case of network congestion, security problems, and faulty devices. Service Orchestration uses several network protocols including, OpenFlow and IP based networking.

In the future, Network Orchestration system will provide an important link between several ranges of technologies which would enable cloud-based network and communication services. Hence, it is expected that they will provide the support and automation technology which would eventually bridge the gap between telecom systems, OSS systems, data centers and customers interested in buying cloud based technology and other network services.

Moreover, in order to further optimize the cloud services and improve network tuning so that perfect orchestration provides a better coordination between devices, Datapath.io provides a sustainable solution such as Network Performance Optimizationand Anycast.

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