Preserving your Data for Recovery — What to Do/Not Do

When faced with the possibility of permanent, unrecoverable data loss, our senses of what to do or not do for emergency data recovery becomes skewed — sometimes we make bad, very bad decisions! Here on some tips on what you should do or not do to ensure the best results in your urgent data recovery.

 STOP! Stop panicking, DO start breathing! There is a right way and wrong to go about urgent data recovery. At we have expert engineers that can help you recover lost data for many different platforms, including:
1. Damaged hard disk drives
3. NAS
4. Solid State Drives (SSD)
5. Mobile phones, tablets, memory cards and USB Flash drives
 Do let the professional help with your urgent data recovery issues
 Do create a backup policy and back up daily, at the very least. Drive crashes are just a matter of WHEN they will happen. Regular backups will assist our engineers in the emergency data recovery process.

Urgent data Recovery for Stand Alone Drive Failure

Do not attempt to open your hard drive for any reason!!! This can only make matters worse by exposing the media; this is not a DIY project! Our professional engineers are standing by to talk to you and discuss the issue; your drives should only be opened in one of our clean rooms, avoiding contamination and preserving whatever may be recoverable.

Do Not, for any reason, expose your drive to moisture or condensation by putting it in the freezer! This WILL destroy the drive! Drives and moisture do not get along.

Do Not trust your emergency data recovery to your friends or friends of friends

Do Not continue to power on/off a non-responding drive; this can render the drive unrecoverable. Give the best possible chance to recover your data by following these guidelines.

Do Not install data recovery software on the drive-this can overwrite current data and can render your critical data unrecoverable.

Do Not, under any circumstances, run the recovery CD/DVD that came with your PC. This will delete all you data and restore your drive (if restorable) back to factory settings.

Urgent RAID Data Recovery
Do Not take the advice from any support staff that was not involved in the originally configuration
Do Not try to rebuild an array unless you have contacted us at
Do Not restore a database-your last backup may be corrupted and the restore process will overwrite the recent data
Do Not Try Anything until you have spoken to one of our urgent data recovery professionals. Let us guide you on the right way to approach your urgent RAID data recovery.

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