Dear Members!

Please make sure website address is ‼️This is the only official address of our platform. ‼️

Rely solely on the information provided on the official channel. ( ) as well ✅

⚠️Beware of scammers ⚠️

Best regards,

Datarius Team❤️

❗️Dear Datarius user!❗️

The project team thanks you for your support and participation!🙏

We are happy to inform you that you may test the alpha release of the MVP ecosystem. 🥳Access to your personal account ▶️ .The functionality of this release will already allow the establishment of real #microcredit organizations, a list of which will be published in the near future.📋

In order to take part in open #testing, you need to transfer the desired part of DTRC #tokens and ETH #cryptocurrencies from your personal address to your personal address in the ecosystem, which you can find on the…

Datarius is Opening P2P Credit Platform ❗

#Cryptorize the world together ❤️

#dtrc #blockchain #cryptocurrency

Dear Friends❗️❗️❗️

We invite all of you to take part in testing of your personal #Datarius account! Testing is running on test accounts for a while. You will be provided with test DTRC tokens and #Ethereum

⬇️Testing conditions⬇️

🔹It is necessary to test the “Finance” section, namely, the functionality for receiving/ taking loans / deposits;
🔹Study the Account section (fill in all fields completely, add a photo).
🔹Express your wishes to improve your personal account.

⬇️For joining the group you must⬇️

🔸Be registered at;
🔸Send registration mail by PM ( …

The #Datarius project is a new type of social cryptobank with transparent conditions. At the crypto-banking industry, Datarius will be the first financial institution capable of
offer our clients a full range of financial services that are carried out in within a decentralized system.

Datarius will function on the base of #P2P ecosystem (peer-to-peer, “equal to equal”), where participants in transactions are private users, not banking institutions.

❗️Our strengths❗️

✅The team has studied well the competitive environment of the market and described the competitive advantages of the project.
✅Blockchain is a necessary component of the project.
✅The team described in detail the…

Dear community ❕

We want to inform you that we had a meeting with our developers on December 5️⃣. There was discussed the timing of testing of the alpha version release⏳ and the platforms work on real accounts💼.

There are 3️⃣ sections in the cabinet now:
➡️Edit your profile📝
➡️ Messages📩
➡️ Finance💲

Until December 1️⃣5️⃣, we're going to fix the existing bugs❌ and then we can test the alpha version for loans and deposits❕

We are happy to announce that we have restored the work of our domain! 🙏

Link to the personal account👉

#Cryptorize the world together❤️

#dtrc #cryptocurrency #blockchain

Dear community!

We apologize for the technical problems of our website. There were problems with the domain in connection with the merger of registrars.

Temporarily the project is on the hosting and subdomain of our developer 👉

We are still fixing this issue but in the nearest future we're going to restore the main domain!

The #Datarius team visited the #CryptoBBQ conference in #Moscow on August 23‼️

Today the following updates have been received from the developer company:

1️⃣ Synchronization with #ITO data (of current registered users and new registrations).
2️⃣ Output of information on the current balance of #DTRC and #ETH.
3️⃣Output of current #BTC and #ETH courses.
4️⃣ The home page is added
5️⃣ Output of information from exchanges.
6️⃣The verification level is added
7️⃣ The section of messages is added

Go into the cabinet and check out the updates👉

We are actively working on improving the product!

#Cryptorize the world together!❤️

#dtrc #blockchain #cryptobank

Datarius Сryptobank

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