Crypto Royalty Awards: vote for #Datarius and its advisor Sergey SkabelkinūüôŹ

The voting for the best blockchain project’s name and the adviser is now being held. Datarius and the adviser of our startup Sergey Skabelkin have been included into the list of Crypto Royalty Awards, which contains 67 projects and 35 experts from all over the world. We need your votes to enter the top 4 and to secure a place in the final. This will help us to more rapidly achieve the goal of building the first social P2P cryptobank Datarius and providing people around the world with access to banking products on an equal footing.

How to vote for Datarius? Click the link‚ě°ÔłŹ, find Datarius in the list, click Vote to the right of the name. You can quickly log in through Facebook. It takes less than a minute.

Reasons to vote for us:
1. With the help of Datarius, we plan to provide access to banking services to people from all countries in the world. Now, 80% of the population of developing countries does not have such opportunity.
2. We are building a transparent decentralized platform, where everyone chooses only those services that he/she really needs. No tariff lines calculated by marketing analysts, you personally create the tariff you want.
3. Minimum service fees.
4. P2P-lending free of bureaucracy and fine print.
5. Blockchain projects support.
6. Cryptocurrencies operation within the bank.
7. A reliable system for protecting personal data.

How to vote for Sergey Skabelkin? Click the link‚ě°ÔłŹ and repeat all the steps from the paragraph above.

Reasons to vote for him:
1. Sergey Skabelkin is an expert on fintech projects and mobile banking with 10 years of expertise.
2. Co-founder of Fintech Cluster.
3. He knows all weaknesses of the traditional banking system and wants to change them. 
4. He wants to provide people from all over the world with the access to banking products on an equal footing.
5. He is the Datarius Advisor:)

Thank you in advance!


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