Datarius Has Announced the Token Pre-sale Completion

31.12.2017 the Datarius Cryptobank has completed its Token Pre-sale. The main goal of the project is to provide people with free and equal access to transparent financial instruments using blockchain technology.

The Datarius hallmark is the integration of social functions into classical fintech projects, the declaration of the most complete toolkit, the use of artificial intelligence, and a special tariff designer adapted to the needs of each system user.

Features and Goals of the Pre-sale

Pre-sale (pre-ITO) began on December 12, 2017 at 12:12 UTC. However, before its launch, in particular on December 9, a closed round was held for the investors most interested in the development of the project. Some of the DTRC tokens were distributed in batches, and the registration itself was made upon the preliminary application — a kind of declaration of a desire to become a full-fledged user of the Cryptobank of the future.

The DTRC token is the only access key to the further participation in the Datarius project. All financial tools will be available exclusively to DTRC holders. Each of the token holders can be engaged in the formation of financial products line, as well as make a non-material contribution to the development of the system. The Loyalty Program is expected to be launched in 2019: each of the active DTRC token holders will receive 65% of all fees and charges collected by the cryptobank. The number of tokens is limited, and undistributed tokens will be burnt upon completion of the ITO campaign.

Pre-sale pursued several objectives. The main ones were to test and prepare the system for the main round — ITO. In addition, the funds raised will be allocated to the audit and optimization of the existing model, market analysis, and further promotion of the First Social Cryptobank Datarius.

Pre-ITO Results

The Presale was more than successful. The targeted SoftCap (the minimum amount of funds required to implement the project) had been raised within the first few hours upon the pre-ITO launch. Even when the threshold was reached, users continued to actively support the project.

The presale ended at $ 510.000 (at the current exchange rate), which, taking into account the $ 80.000 collected during the closed round, opens up broad prospects for the development of the project in the future.

The Datarius Cryptobank thanks everyone who has participated in the Pre-sale campaign for supporting the project!

The main round — ITO still lies ahead. Its launch is scheduled for the second half of February, 2018. We remind you that you will receive a 30% bonus in the first 6 hours of the main round

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