Dear Friends❗️❗️❗️

We invite all of you to take part in testing of your personal #Datarius account! Testing is running on test accounts for a while. You will be provided with test DTRC tokens and #Ethereum

⬇️Testing conditions⬇️

🔹It is necessary to test the “Finance” section, namely, the functionality for receiving/ taking loans / deposits;
🔹Study the Account section (fill in all fields completely, add a photo).
🔹Express your wishes to improve your personal account.

⬇️For joining the group you must⬇️

🔸Be registered at;
🔸Send registration mail by PM ( so that developers can connect you to the account and add it to Trello
🔸All bugs must be described on the Trello board;

⏹Deadline for providing information: 12/19/2018.
⏹Deadline for testing your account: 01/15/2019.

When can you start testing⁉️

As soon as the group comes together, we will post a publication about getting started.
Also we are going to send an email with information about further actions▶️

P.S. all testers will have a nice bonus - 100 DTRC for your work💲

🧡We are expecting for all enthusiasts who are waiting for the alpha version release❤️

#Cryptorize the world together!

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