The Datarius Cryptobank After the Pre-ITO: Immediate Plans

The preliminary DTRC tokens sale round was over on December 31. We took stock of 20 days, analyzed weak points, and invited new people to the team. We haven’t talk about the project for a long time, let’s fill this gap.

☑️The #SoftCap of the pre-ITO was reached at the level of $ 125,000, collected within two and a half hours. This confirmed the interest of people from around the world in the project. The traditional banking system is archaic, slow and frighteningly hawkish, so it’s time to build the banks of another model.

☑️In total, $ 525,428 has been raised during the round. This enables the further development of the project and a full-fledged preparation for ITO. Now the whole team is committed to ensure the main round of the #DTRC tokens sale in March.

☑️Our team has got two more advisers with solid experience in the field of finance and blockchain — Nikolay Zvezdin and Douglas Lyons. They will help us to implement the target objectives more rapidly. We have got many words of encouragement these days. We appreciate each and everyone who believes in Datarius and our team.

☑️At the time of writing this post, Datarius is one of the Top 5 best Blockchain Projects in the Crypto Royalty Awards competition and we have a chance to improve the position.

☑️On March 5, we are launching the #ITO, which will multiply the progress on the first social P2P cryptobank.

❤️We are grateful to everyone who contributes to the implementation of Datarius.

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