The #Datarius project is a new type of social cryptobank with transparent conditions. At the crypto-banking industry, Datarius will be the first financial institution capable of
offer our clients a full range of financial services that are carried out in within a decentralized system.

Datarius will function on the base of #P2P ecosystem (peer-to-peer, “equal to equal”), where participants in transactions are private users, not banking institutions.

❗️Our strengths❗️

✅The team has studied well the competitive environment of the market and described the competitive advantages of the project.
✅Blockchain is a necessary component of the project.
✅The team described in detail the business model of the project.
✅A clear project development strategy (Road Map) is presented.
✅ A detailed financial plan is developed.
✅Disposal of funds is regulated.
✅Token emission is limited.
✅The legal structure of the company is transparent.
✅The project is popular on social networks and on thematic forums.
✅The project is being actively discussed on the news sites of blockchain resources.
✅The founders and leaders of the project are recognized professionals in their field and / or in the blockchain industry.
✅The team has significant experience and impressive achievements.
✅The project is supported by a serious team of Advisory Board.
✅The project partners are large well-known companies.
✅The founders of the project have experience in implementing successful business in the subject of the project.

#Cryptorize the world together ❤️

#dtrc #blockchain #cryptocurrency

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