American Nightmare as Promised

Divorce is Forever

While my schooling didn’t interfere with my Education, my intellectual curiosity definitely interfered with discovery of my core political beliefs. I’d like to thank the overarching liberal media for this interference because they shared liberalism in such a way so as to make one feel superior to the rest of the humanity and therefore became addictive reading material for my types during my formative years. While I still remain attached to several aspects of liberalism, the one dimension that has impacted me lately is third wave feminism. This piece is about that nightmare of third wave feminist activities and how it destroyed my family.

I grew up in India past the times of “midnight’s children”. Indian middle class was asserting it’s liberalism with such movements as affirmative action via reservation and the talk of “nari-mukti”. Though the conversation about Nari mukti started much before I was even born , I was looking at it as something novel. I assume the roots of Nari Mukti are rooted in feminist movement of western society .

Words fascinate me and I happen to be a non gender fluid male who is fascinated by words. Nari mukti intrigued me and I became feminist just by the power of the words amalgamated together as mukti of someone by oppressive male psyche. Such a strong influence of words resulted in my marriage to a feminist American made all sense to me later in life.

But I exaggerate. Words only can’t inspire someone to do something stupendously stupid. Because of extremely aggressive selling of what a liberated woman looks like from western media, I was further drawn to liberated women. The way they flicked their hairs while smoking a cigarette, or romped around practically nude on bay watch and let a guy die in Titanic ….it just all added up to pump me to marry a feminist .

The story of my divorce started with feminist shit test and tremendous false advertising. When I started dating my ex wife she had already established that I could provide for her and our potential children but she also made the mistake of assuming that I hold job as something sacred. I am job hopper. When I see a culture of fraud such as feminism, I switch. Having made her assumption, she nonetheless entered and engaged in full false advertising phase.

Her first ever interrogation went like following.

“What do you want to be”