What is Bootstrap Replication & How to Use it?

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What is Bootstrap Replication?

Let’s take a quick example.

Crypto at College

Strong Fundamental Understanding is Key to Proper Use

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What is Logistic Regression?

What Makes ARIMA & XTS Objects So Useful for Forecasting?

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XTS Objects

Let’s Get to The Details

Whether you want to predict churn, sales, demand, or whatever else, let’s get to it!

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your date index. We do so using the seq

A Primer on Proper Interpretation of Categorical Explanatory variables

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Introduction to Regression with Categoricals

I recently wrote a post that gave us more detail into regression. You can find that here. To follow on the ideas that we explored there, today we will be exploring the creation of regression models where the explanatory variable is a categorical datapoint.

As I mentioned, it’s important to have good understand of the application & methodology from the ground up. …

A Simple Flow to Improve The Utility of Your Data Science Toolkit

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Introduction to Version Control

There are many benefits to version control, and Git specifically. Including a view of historical changes made to your project, automatic notification of conflicting work, where two individuals effectively write conflicting lines of code, allows for collaboration across many individuals which allows teams to grow.

Version control is a staple to software engineering and something that is slowly being adopted across data science teams…

Understand, visualizing, and calculating p-value

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Before we jump into how to calculate a p-value, it’s important to think about what the p-value is really for.

Hypothesis Testing Refresher

Diving Deeper

A key to bridging the gap between modern business challenges and causal inference

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What is Ab testing?

AB testing is a methodology of comparing multiple versions of a feature, a page, a button, etc. by showing the different versions to customers or prospective customers and assessing the quality of interaction by some metric (Click through, purchase, following any call to action…

Monty Hall Poses a Conceptually Confusing Problem, Using Simulation We Can Validate This Phenomenon Real-time

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Monty Hall had a gameshow back in the day, where he showcased the following problem. If you’re not familiar with him or they game it was also referenced in 2008’s 21. Anyways, if you’re not familiar here’s the problem.

The Monty Hall Problem

So let’s say it’s you on the…

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Before We Code, A Quick Review

Histogram Refresher

As a refresher, a histogram represents the number of occurrences on the y-axis of different values of a variable, found on the x-axis.

Here is an…

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Introduction to Bagged Trees

From the evaluation approach of each algorithm to the algorithms themselves, there are many similarities.

If you aren’t already familiar with decision trees I’d recommend a quick refresher here.

With that said, get ready to become a bagged tree expert! Bagged trees are famous for improving the predictive capability of a single decision tree and an incredibly useful algorithm for your machine learning tool belt.

What are Bagged Trees & What Makes Them So Effective?

Why use bagged trees

The main idea between bagged trees is that rather than depending on a single decision tree, you…

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