How the internet is uniting the world
Dex Torricke-Barton

A united Earth is coming. History tells us that sharing a source of information is the biggest thing uniting people — if they are “on the same page” they understand eachother. And however the media spins things for different countries, the basic level of understanding is rising and becoming more equal.

One thing stands in the way. And the problem is outlined in a single word — govern. Governments expect to tell people what to do and control their actions, not work for them as their instruments of action. And they hide problems at home by creating foreign wars, pitting nation state against nation state to pull their people into line behind their flag.

We need a democratic word for government — one which reflects our desire for them to work for us, not control us. And we need to use the united Earth to dismantle the nation state which pits similar people, divided only by geography and the information they are fed, against eachother.