What’s the Next Big Thing?
Michael Haupt

I believe many 50 year-olds are on a similar journey. The problem is unlearning the things we were taught as unchallengeable truths in our youth.

For example we have recently seen how digital, in its early days, was hived off as a bad thing and not mainstream by the purveyors of older systems such as print, news media and government.

What we don’t realise is that in our youth a similar thing was done with thinking. We were taught that only our rational brain matters, with everything else lumped into a category called — “Emotions — to be avoided”.

The Internet of Things and AI have shown us just how clever our subconscious brain is, taking in billions of signals every second and translating them into a deep understanding of the world around us and how we might influence it for our good. How it drives our behaviour, only telling our conscious brain afterwards, so it can communicate what we’ve done and why.

Patriarchy to Matriarchy is merely a symptom of this awakening. If you look at all inventions and startups they are built on passion — a sub-conscious reasoning that something is not the way our conscious brain and others are telling us. Connecting with that much more powerful sub-conscious brain is key to making anything worthwhile.

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