I’m trying to understand.
Warren Whitlock

We are at an early stage in understanding statistics.

There is the old joke — Bill Gates walks into a bar. Suddenly everyone in the bar is a millionaire — on average.

People are deliberately misrepresenting stats.

Imagine 99 of each sex earning the same wage.
One male boss earning three times the average. And one female not earning at all as she has just given birth.

That is enough for all the media with an agenda to show that women, on average, earn 3% less than men. And to show that the gap between the poorest woman and the richest man is 3x the average wage.

Then correlation is confused with causation. The story is suddenly put out there, with no justification whatever, that men earn more than women for the same job. Look at the stats, they say.

This is mind manipulation. And it stops us looking at the real issues — why the men get the top jobs and what we can do to pay women during childcare.