The technology revolution in agriculture started with machinery that brought about increased production and the use of efficient methods of plowing farms, spraying, and harvesting. This was just the first phase of improving the different sectors of agriculture. This phase was more equipment oriented than data-based management. Over time, new needs have emerged and in most sectors, the use of data to inform decision-making is currently the accepted norm.

Farming is no different from any other form of corporate business as there is a need to track the number of indicators that affect input and output including scouting records, planting…

Manufacturing stands tall as a key pillar in the Big Four development agenda by the National Government. Manufacturing is seen to be the key to unlocking the success of the other development goals, namely: Universal Healthcare, Affordable Housing, and Food Security. The argument is that manufacturing will create many quality jobs thereby improving the living standards of the workers, elevating them to access proper healthcare and decent affordable housing. …

The 2010s were great years for the Open Data Movement. The conversations were intense, the activities around the idea even more. The government of Kenya launched its Open Data Initiative in 2011, making it the 2nd country in Africa to launch an Open Data movement in Africa after the Morocco government. in 2012, Tunisia followed, like many other countries in Africa, successful or not. — These are all government-led initiatives.

The World Bank was a pioneer in opening up data and supporting governments around the world to do the same. The African Development Bank followed on shortly after with its…

According to Forbes, 55% of America’s billion-dollar companies have an immigrant founder/CEO. Yes, Tesla, Apple, Google, and Uber are on that list.

Every year, students from all over the world move to American Universities, the prestigious Ivy League schools in search of education, world-class education that would improve their lives and their chances in the job market. Competitive advantage.

The thing that is most depressing for the home countries is, they send possibly their smartest brains to foreign nations with no guarantee of their return to apply what they have learned abroad to improve their home countries. Even as the…

A big part of the world is now embracing the innovativeness, enthusiasm, and contribution of the youth but why are some African presidents ruling for too long thus limiting youth potential? African presidents like President Mugabe of Zimbabwe have left behind a legacy of being in power for 30 years while others are still in power after more than a decade of assuming the presidency. Is this trend good for the African growth of the economy? Maybe not.

Recently, Omar al-Bashir served as Sudan’s president for nearly 30 years before being ousted by the army. This brought in the curiosity…

There has been a lot of debate about women being underrepresented in the corporate world and in decision making. This is probably because of the traditional ideas about the roles of girls and women which restrict their contributions to Kenya. Ideas such as women belonging to the kitchen hold women back from contributing to important development goals; especially in the areas of economic growth, nutrition, and food security.

Moreover, seven years after the promulgation of the 2010 constitution which is against gender discrimination, Kenyan women are still not receiving equal pay for equal work done.

Therefore, this analysis, based on…

It is difficult to imagine living without electricity in this current day and age. From charging our phones and laptops every now and then, to watching television, listening to the radio, baking cakes for home consumption and commercial purposes, health facilities and so many other uses, electricity is vital in our every day to day lives.

However, there are still some Kenyan households not connected to the grid. This is according to data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Statistical Abstract 2018.

The data further shows that as of 2017, 4,685,877 customers used electricity for domestic use, followed by…

A report by Unicef says that almost half of the countries in Eastern and Southern Africa region (ESAR) have been affected by cholera outbreaks since the beginning of 2019. More than 8,258 cholera / AWD cases including 29 deaths have been reported in 10 countries in the region, with an average Case Fatality Rate of 0.4%, since the beginning of 2019. These countries include; Angola, Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Somalia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique and Zimbabwe in March 2019 and since then cholera cases rapidly increased. Reports indicated that there were more than 1,000 cases…

With countries like Paraguay being certified malaria-free by WHO in 2018 for having eliminated malaria, the WHO African Region continues to carry a disproportionately high share of the global malaria burden. In 2017, the region was home to 92% of malaria cases and 93% of malaria deaths.

As the world marked World Malaria Day on 25th April 2019, for African countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi, 2019 is and will always remain significant. The three countries were selected for the first malaria vaccine introduction. The key criteria for selection were well-functioning malaria and immunization programs and high malaria burden, WHO says.

The vaccine offers partial protection from the disease, with clinical trials finding that the vaccine prevented approximately four in 10 malaria cases, according to the WHO.

33.7% of youth aged 18 -25 years cited starting or expanding a business as their most important future goal. The same goal was followed by youth aged 26 -35 years at 34.7%, data from the 2019 Fin Access Report shows.

Also, people aged over 55 years cited buying or building a house/ apartment to live in as their most important future goal at 25.5%. The same goal was followed by youth aged 26 -35 years at 19.4%.

33.1% of youth aged 18 -25 years also cited education for self or family as an important future goal.

Despite the low percentages…

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