Wow, how professional of you to accuse me of being inexperienced in data science when you can’t…

“And of course I’ll go back to my philosophical stance since it is already my principle as an educated person, student, educator, and scientist.”

— Congratulations on all your achievement, but sorry it’s not even impressive to insist on a philosophical stance, when the basic issue was about data not being available at time of analysis. If you insist on your language game and your proud knowledge in Physics, then this is a useless cause.

“ And lastly, I already told you that I agree on the part of ‘debunking superlatives‘. Why would you need to point it out again?”

— Simply because you mentioned that the article was pushing for “worst performance”

“you tried to strengthen your point by using your “so-called” statistics, which I may remind you, I still don’t have any idea how available it is.”

— check the comment thread with a certain Dax Chee. It’s all there. The graphic of the tables also mentioned these sources.

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