You would not know how hard it is if you have not been in that position.
Taylor Otwell

I am no jumping on the bandwagon here, but I have thought the exact same thing many times as the author concerning your interactions on Reddit. Don’t get me wrong, I am on your side! While I can definitely sympathize with your wanting to defend your work, you answering silly accusations degrades the entire community because of your standing.

Stated another way, “Scoundrels are apt to be insolent toward their superiors; but it does not become a Man of Honour and Wisdom to contest with mean Rascals, and to answer every Fool in his Folly. One indignity is not to be revenged by another.”

In the large Laravel portion of the PHP community, you are a “superior” and considered “honorable” and “wise” to many, you have great influence.

You answering ridiculous claims makes the entire community look ridiculous.

I do not use Laravel, but I, as any mature individual in this community am aware of your contributions and have a deep respect for your hard work. Any argument from me or anyone worth responding to will have obvious technical merit and will show the due respect.

I of course would never want to tell you what to do but please consider what I have said.

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