Do You Want To Provide Effective Security To Your Database?

SQL Server is truly an efficient relational database management system which can efficiently support several types of data. Though, it is a capable DBMS but its proper safety is really an important thing to consider. Making choice of SQL Server firewall is truly a great decision when it comes to provide best possible security to this specific database management system. Generally, this tool filters the company traffic on the basis of configured rules set by the database authorities. This amazing tool blocks dangerous requests to avoid information security threats. The main motive of such tool is to provide satisfactory protection to the company sensitive data from various threats in favor of the security of the database management system. Hacker attacks, SQL injections as well as other different types of security breaches are also efficiently prevented by this amazing security solution. There are really so many benefits of using this security tool.

It is really important for a database administrator to make use of an enterprise-class security solution which can efficiently provide best possible protection to critical data both on-premises as well as in the cloud. By providing complete visibility of the database and user activity, this specific tool provides best possible security to the database. Detecting dangerous vulnerabilities that may be further exploited by the company members and hackers has also become very easy by using this amazing security tool. You would surely find database security maintenance very easy as well as more reliable by using this fabulous security tool. You would also be able to detect suspicious activities of the database managers who also pose a potential threat in the direction of database security. As intelligent SQL-analysis algorithms integrated in a firewall, it enables database authorities to detect as well as block unusual and unauthorized access attempts and attacks on the database in real time.

This tool can also capably audit and logs the traffic and blocks the execution of all the queries considered violating its security policies. More to the point, the firewall notifies specified subscribers through SMTP or SNMP in case of any doubtful activity found in this specific server. Apart from it, blocking mechanisms of SQL Server firewall enables database authorities to capture SQL injections in real time. There are different types of SQL injection techniques are also blocked by the firewall such as time delay, automated exploitation, out of band, union exploitation, Boolean exploitation etc.

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