Implement A Spy Tool And Monitors The Database

The database security solution: — The database security solution is mandatory for maintaining the sensitive database and protects the database. Several numbers of database security solution or database management systems are available in the market. A security solution is similar to a doorkeeper and it continuously monitors the database. It can control the multiple numbers of the database. Also, it can monitor a large amount of database. The database security solution notifies the system administrator by sending a notification email or SMS. Generally, it notifies the users because of an unwanted threat. Even, it can block the main server and prevent hackers. People can use the latest technology and maintain the database security. The data masking solution and the database audit tool, these two are the best ways of controlling the database.

The data masking solution: — This is a very user-friendly and a cost-effective business application. The data masking solutions use the different techniques, such as encryption, number deleting, using a secret code, character shuffling, and more. In this way, it hides the important database. But, it creates a duplicate version of the database, which is similar to the original one. Dynamic data masking, on-the-fly, cloud-based or online data masking are different types of data masking tools. Most of the companies prefer to implement the dynamic data masking technology along with the encryption method.

Database audit tool: — This is one of the perfect ways of protecting an important database. Basically a database auditing tool works like a spy. It monitors the different types of database and manages the security of the database. In this case, people may find the PostgreSQL audit tool. PostgreSQL is a relational-based database management system. Also, people can find the user guidelines of a database audit tool as well as the configuration of an audit application. There are many benefits of using a database audit application.


o An audit tool monitors the database, server, network, and users. It can monitor a large number of the database as well as the multiple numbers of the users.

o It creates the database table and stores the information.

o It prevents the hackers by deleting the row and columns or the tables.

o The database auditing system can find out the exact source of the problem and notifies the users.

o Also, it helps to solve the problems.