Manage The Database Through A Cloud-Based Security Tool

The database technology: — This is one of the latest applications of maintaining the important information. From retail industry to the automobile industry, save confidential information by using the database technology. This is a computer-based application. People use rows, tables, charts, columns, and store the database. Even, they can delete the columns or chart and adjust the database. Every industry maintains the different types of database, such as sales data, retail data, customer data, production data, and more. But, maintaining the database is not easy. In this case, people must implement the database management system and protect the database. Otherwise, the database can be misplaced by the hackers. The Data masking solution is a primary database protection.

The data masking application: — This is an improved technology and one of the easiest ways of protecting the database. Generally, the data masking solution creates the unauthentic database and hides the database. This informal database remains physically similar to the original one. In this case, the user’s authentication is necessary for accessing the database. There are different types of data masking solution available.

• Dynamic data masking: — This is one of the most preferred data masking solution. This data masking uses the encryption method and masks the actual database. Encryption method means using the unreadable character, algorithms, secret code, etc. This is similar to the on-fly data masking solution. It hides the database, when data transfer from one location to another.

• On-fly data masking: — As previously said that this method hides the database during the data transfer. But, on-fly data masking solution copies the original database and share it accordingly.

• Cloud-based data masking: — People may hear about IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS application. These are cloud computing solution. Nowadays, the organizations start implementing the web-based storage solution. This is the cost-effective way of hiding the database and sharing the database. 
So, these are the different types of data masking solution. On the other hand, people can use the database audit tool and database security application. In this recent time, many IT service providers offer the different types of database management system. A DBMS tool can monitor the database and protect the database efficiently. In this case, people can find that the amazon aurora database management solution is available in the market. This is a cloud-based database security solution and compatible with the different types of database.

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