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It is been 8 years since I started working with corporate companies.I have worked directly with people across various levels: a supervisor who earns INR 8000/- per month to the Executive chairman of a company with INR 800 Cr turnover. In between I also worked with few startups and did consulting for various midsize companies. Be it a CEO or a sales executive,One of the biggest difficulty that these people in the organizations face is to take correct decisions.

The Problem :

  1. To sell a product,A finance company contacts 1,40,000 people out of which only 1400 people will show interest ,not even buy. As the company can’t decide who exactly are these 1400 people(10%), they endup calling all the 1,40,000.

Imagine the number of man-hours and resources every b2c company in general and a finance company like this in particular are losing?

2. A consumer health tech company runs a huge marketing campaign and offers discount on a diabetic health checkup .But, the marketing campaign reaches the population who are more unlikely to get diabetics or more likely to get a heart disease. The difficulty of the company to decide the population groups who are more likely to get a certain disease is costing huge marketing budgets.

“customers will be irritated to receive a communication that they are not looking for”

3. Major telecom companies in India are losing 3% to 6% of their customers every quarter. Many B2C companies which are in insurance, e-commerce, consumer tech, SAAS based software companies, who want a repeated business from their loyal customer base is also facing this problem.

Many of these companies sometimes end up offering big discounts to their happy customers instead of using those budgets to address the customers who are more likely to leave/not happy. In result, the company not only loses the future revenue but also loose the customer acquisition costs.

Not only these companies, Micro finance companies are losing their resources in giving loans to defaulters which increases NPAs, Manufacturing companies are losing the valuable machine hours by unexpected downtime etc..

The irony is that , though they have a vast experience in their fields be it in sales, operations,HR etc.., they couldn’t able to decide the next profitable move.Either they end up taking all the possible steps (trail&error) or taking a wrong step (ineffective marketing campaign).

Why is it happening?

Because, to the humans it is tough to process huge information/ historical data from their experiences and identify signals that help them to take effective decisions. Humans can’t quickly scan 1 million historical sales data and tell whether a prospective lead will buy their product ot not.

Solution :

How can the organizations solve this gigantic problem which is eating their revenues?

At atom D sciences, we are passionate to solve this problem .

“We want to empower organizations with machine learning on all their key operations”

We Deploy machines(software) that can understand the historical data of the organization and give signals to the team such as which customer is more likely to leave the service, which customer is more likely to buy the product, which applicant is the loan defaulter, which patient is more likely to get cancer etc..

These machines, which are powered by efficient algorithms learn the hidden patterns in the historical data and predicts the most likely outcome which helps the organization to take an effective information driven decision.

As computers have no limitations and are just machines, algorithms which are written on this computers can process any amount of data , understand the hidden patterns in it and alerts the organization if it find similar patterns.These algorithms learning inceases as we supply more data(information).

To weed out the inefficiencies and to support all the business operations, every organization should adopt this technology.

“Our aim is to provide an efficient machine learning software to organizations which helps them to quickly understand their historical data,predicts the possible outcome thus helping employees to take informed decisions in all the business operations.”

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