Electronic Data Interchange Explained Like Never Before

What Is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Using EDI, you can directly exchange business critical and confidential documents between the respective person’s computers in an electronic format. This way, you also save more money spent on papers, printing, storage, etc. And also, the numbers of errors are really less in comparison. This electronic data interchange known as EDI ensures to improve the business efficiency.

What Is EDI Software?

There are much software that can be installed in ones’ computer or laptop to share documents or information, to many platforms. This would be ideal for B2B based business people. These documents are based on HIPAA EDI document standards, and EDI 837 falls under the health care claim format established by HIPAA for transactions between the patients and the hospital doctor. This ensures near fool proof security of data.

Who Is an EDI Specialist?

An EDI Specialist is someone who analyzes designs and develops the specifications for the EDI. Example: For hospitals, it is HIPAA 837. So, depending on the type of documents and the confidentiality, the EDI specialist will have to set the extensions with the application interface and the maps. One should be familiar with the field of choice to do a good job at this EDI based job — it requires the basic knowledge of the concepts involved, the various practices that the domain follows and the procedures as it differs with every field. It takes good experience for one to be able to judge the requirements and establish the maps.

These EDI systems were widely used in private networks and with the advent of Internet and other technologies it has now taken a new form. There are new standards and forms like web forms, XML format, and Internet EDI.

For bigger organizations that work widely on EDI — the software helps with various features like self-monitoring tools, alerts and notifications that make the life of an EDI Specialist easier. Moreover, this software will also convert to various formats that fall under the EDI specifications in a jiffy, which makes it very easy to share in the format required at the other end.

This EDI also requires hardware to support the EDI software depending on the requirements like speed factor, and how one wants to integrate it into the other systems. Business documents are to be automatically converted to the digital form and exchanged as per the recent requirements and expectations with EDI — there are various solution providers like Data Trans Solutions who are one of the best in the industry.

Outsource your EDI requirements and get to work with service providers who ensure to get the job done accurately for your customers, and get to enjoy the reception of customer delight. These organizations act as EDI agents to the organizations where experienced EDI specialist work. Translate all your business documents to the appropriate digital format that is on par with the industry standard and domain standards. These converted documents are further sent to the other customers via communication software to ensure that the documents reach safely without discrepancies.

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