How does GDPR impact Machine Learning? Keystrokes, Pascal VOC and much more.

“…A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts..” — Bill Gates

Does the GDPR prohibit machine learning?

In practice, ML will not be prohibited in the EU after the GDPR goes into effect. It will, however, involve a significant compliance burden
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Intel AI Lab open-sources library for deep learning-driven NLP

It gives chatbots and virtual assistants the smarts necessary to function, such as NER, intent extraction, and semantic parsing to identify the action a person wants to take from their words.​

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Output as Pascal VOC format

Now you can easily convert the Dataturks Image Bounding Box JSON output to Pascal VOC format.
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Super Quick Labeling using Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now configure to setup keyboard shortcuts for each label etc and make your dataset building super fast.

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Featured open datasets

Game of faces An image classification dataset with thousands of face images of around 70 Games of Thrones characters manually labeled.​

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