Video Object Tracking: Working with exported JSON.

DataTurks provides a power-packed tool to do object tracking in videos. You can draw a bounding box around a moving object at certain times in the video and the DataTurks tool automatically does interpolation between these points.

This saves a tremendous amount of time. For a simple 1-minute video this can reduce the annotation time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes, providing a 6X improvement in efficiency while keeping the quality intact.

Check out the demo of the tool here: Video Object Tracking tool.

Here is a video walk-through of the same:


Once the video is annotated, you can download the annotation JSON. For each tracked object it contains the coordinates of the bounding box at various time points in the video along with some extra meta-data.

Here is a sample format of the downloaded JSON:

Using this JSON, you can easily extract frames from the videos and draw bounding boxes on each image frame. Here is a sample code of the same:

Here is a sample output from the above script:

The above script ran on Ipython.