CSI Hangzhou surprise with startup DatEat

Today, 10/8/2018, is the second event of the Crypto Asset Investment Summit (CSI), held in Hangzhou (last time in Shanghai). The CSI is organized by the blockchain fund of the Grand Shores and the Hongzhe Group.

In this event, DatEat has introduced its dating app to the Chinese investor community, which has attracted a lot of attention. DatEat has a lot of improvements and additions to application, DatEat now both available in iOS and Android . The DatEat’s ecosystem has brought many interesting and surprise to visitors. DatEat have a lot of difference to dating applications in China. The goal of DatEat is bring customers in China more access to the world, through dating and travel.

Chinese investor on CIS event
COO Kate Truong explain with visitor about DatEat ecosystem
Do you want to get airdrop from DatEat?

At this event, DatEat held the airdrop for customers to join. DatEat will have more chance to introduce ourself to China market through a lot of event on this month. We will update as soon as possible about the journey of DatEat. See you in China ❤