DatEat expands network to the most populous country — China

Project DatEat was started in early 2016, DatEat has been developed and welcome in more than 15 countries and over 50 cities in the Americas, Europe and Asia. DatEat has always proud of creating an innovative platform that connects people, erase all kind of barriers and limits between communities and helps improve life quality by using the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Based on the collaboration with Grandshores International Investment Fund, Hongzhe Corporation and other organizations in China, DatEat has grown dramatically and achieved several amazing feedbacks in Chinese market through the Crypto Summit series in six major cities: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Nanjing, Ningbo and Dalian. There are some interesting highlights about DatEat’s trip in China:

- There are total approximately 8500 participants in the series.

- More than 6,000 investors have responded positively to DatEat project.

- Received loads of attention and praises from the Chinese market.

- After the 6 events, there were 786 new investors and over 40 million DTE Tokens were sold

- DatEat was honourable to welcome two new Advisors from China to help push our activities as well as dominating the China market

- More than 30 local and international organizations, start-ups would like to sign the strategic partnership with DatEat.

DatEat at Crypto Asset Investment Summit in Shanghai
DatEat users in China

DatEat is on its best stage of growth, with initial success in the key markets, DatEat is accelerating and planning to grow in other potential markets around the world. The DatEat Team believes that our platform will help connect people and solve several social problems in many places around the world.

New version of DatEat Live…

By the end of September, a new version of DatEat Live will be released along with the launching of DatEat Premium.

and DatEat Premium coming soon!

ICO Round 3 will finish on the 25th of September and DTE Token will be public on several public exchange in October. For more information please follow us on our official website, and other social media.

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