DTE token, DTE point and what you need to know!

Four main apps in DatEat's ecosystem

In some published articles, DatEat mentioned about DatEat app and Finder app which are two of four main parts of DatEat ecosystems. In these articles, DatEat also mentions about DTE token and DTE point which are used to purchase in-app products or services. However, some investors do not have a general view about what DTE token and DTE point are; that is the reason why DatEat will provide detailed information and how you can get it.

What is DTE token?

cryptocurrency is permitted as the future exchange

DTE token is a kind of digital currency which allow investors or traders use for transactions with some related benefits such as minimal processing fees and none steep fees charged for global transfers. With blockchain technology, it uses to store an online ledger of all the transactions that have ever been conducted using DTE token, providing a data structure for this ledger that is exposed to a limited threat from hackers and can be copied across all computers running DTE token software.

How can investors use DTE token?

DTE token will be used for trading and swapping DTE

DTE token will be used for 2 major functions which some current cryptocurrencies cannot. The first one will be trading which is the most popular mission of all the cryptocurrency. DTE token prototype is ERC20 which is the technical standard used for smart contracts on the DTE token blockchain for implementing tokens. Secondly, DTE token is also used as a medium of exchange for DTE point. Price of DTE token will fluctuate when it is listed on global exchanges (price will be decided by traders and investors), but the price of DTE point is fixed at $0.1 per point. That is one of the simplest ways to earn profit from DTE token.

What is the DTE point and how to use it?

DTE point will be counted as a loyalty point of 4 apps in DatEat ecosystems including DatEat, Finder, Club and Defound. DTE point will be sold at the fixed price of $0.1 in our in-app system.

DTE point will be used in many functions and DatEat team is trying our best to expand our partnership networks which allow using DTE point. DTE point will be used to purchase some VIP and VVIP packages, some hot deals as well as services with the most valuable price. Moreover, users could also send DTE point to others.

DTE token and DTE point will be the most helpful tool for the investors and users to experience our application. Stay tuned and keep up with the latest information about us.