DTE Token — The Revolution Of Dating App

A cryptocurrency may have nothing to do with a dating app; however, it is DatEat that has created a brilliant way to integrate cryptocurrency into its dating app. Those who own DTE token can have multiple options to handle their tokens. Like all other cryptocurrencies, they can trade their tokens for either fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Even better, they can utilize all cool features inside the app using DTE token.

DatEat integrates a system of exchanging DTE token for DTEp — a point unit that can be used inside the app. DTEp can be purchased, transferred and redeemed. DatEat has also promised to configure a system to go from cryptocurrency to credit cards with the latest technology and patent from Mastercards.

Prior to the appearance of DatEat, most dating apps only act as a social platform for people to find and match other people. Now with the breakthrough of DatEat, the dating industry may evolve in an interesting way. We all know how dating app users value privacy and anonimosity. DatEat’s blockchain technology and exchange system is just a perfect meet for these users.