DTE token — Why do investors need to move fast?

DTE will be listed on international exchanges, starting with the listing on FinanceX later this November. While many investors are skeptical in the crypto market recently, there are a few key indicators that DTE may be a good investment at this moment.

DatEat’s ICO can be considered successful because most tokens available were purchased by more than 4,000 investors worldwide. The anticipation remained very high until the last day of ICO and even though it has been a few months since, the demand for DTE token is still raising high. This itself is a very good reason to believe in the future of DatEat. But let’s dig deeper to see why this is the case.

While most other ICO projects do not have any ready-to-use product (most of them stay in the form of early idea or prototype), DatEat has launched its dating app earlier and now it is getting ready to expand the user network. If you think about an ICO as a similar process with IPO (listing company stocks on public exchanges), quality of product or service is the number one criteria that most investors look for when deciding where to invest. DatEat has come a long way creating a product and thus should be consider a better investment option compare to many other projects.

Also, with most other projects, usually there are no clear usability of the token in real life application. That is certainly not the case for DTE. DatEat team has structured many different usages for DTE. Even if the price of DTE may drop very low, investors can still manage to use DTE in other ways and this will increase the likelihood that the price will not drop.