Get out of your boxes and enjoy the show (of life) together!!!

Today, more and more people feel isolated and can’t share with anyone even family and friends. They spend all the time in the room, touching the smartphones or moving the mouse on computer screens. By the time, they create their own worlds and live deeply inside, withdrawing from social life and unless being helped drag out of this condition, they will be stuck forever. It makes troubles for parents because of having to serve foods, drinks or clothes and it could be a nightmare if their parents are gone.

In Japan, there were approximately 541,000 youths aged from 15–39 get “Hikikomori” syndrome in 2016 (Japanese: “acute social withdrawal”), this not only affects negatively on their personal life and family but also the social development when the Japanese population are getting older causing the shortage in labour force. Finding methodologies to help those “modern-day hermits” is one of the priorities of the Japanese government.

Anxiety, nervousness, fear of failures, etc. push them in the shelters and it is essential to have something pull them out. People living as “hikikomori” often choose a life on the internet where they can stay away from all of physical harms and become whoever they want. Hence, if they have an opportunity to access positive interactive applications or platforms, maybe they can get over the barriers. For example, they can participate in a community that shares positive information about life and transmits good energy through events or off-line meetings.

DatEat is a platform that meets this demand, where users are connected to people who share the same traits, preferences, so on and then form groups and communities to support each other. DatEat Club is one of the most appropriate applications that brings people together via parties, events and meetings all over the world. Users could make a new friend, hunt tickets for hot festivals and enjoys.

Besides, users will be able to search and receive advice from Mentors in DatEat Premium, an advisory service in many areas of life, in order to gain solutions for their case. DeFound (DatEat Foundation) willing to support in financial aspect to help users in difficult circumstances access their Mentors. The DTE token is used in all of DatEat applications to make sure that there is no barrier between every single feature in a big system, thus, the experience of user will be more convenient.

With the purpose to bring new positive value to society and support generations overcome the problems via stance: “We are all together better!!!”, it is optimistic to believe in the future, DatEat will make a revolution changing the life of million people.

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