How to create a wallet signature in MEW

Creating a signature for your wallet is a convenient and secured way to prove ownership of a crypto wallet. In this article, we will show you how you can create your wallet’s signature in MyEtherWallet.

1/ Tap on Exchange DTE to DTEp option in your DatEat app

2/ Input your Wallet Address and also copy the message line

3/ Access and click on “Sign Message” at the website footer.

4/ Choose your favorite method of accessing your wallet — a private key should be adequate.

3/ Input your private key and unlock your wallet. This will direct you to where you can type in your preferred signature.

4/ Copy the message from DatEat app — Verify Wallet screen and then click Sign Message

5/ The “real” signature will show up with multiple lines and signs but do not worry about that. Just keep in mind that this entire section is your wallet digital signature. Copy this signature to verify your wallet in DatEat app.

6/ Copy the encoded signature to the app and then click Submit

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