Movie Date: Let’s make further great time at the cinema !!!

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Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Many people have trouble with the first date because they are afraid that they don’t know what to say in 2 hours. Movie date should be a safe choice as there is no pressure of having to communicate too much. So, let’s see how to make your movie date perfect.

1. Decide on the movie together
It is a good idea to discuss with your partner the movie watching on that day, both of you definitely don’t want each other has to suffer a movie you or he/she don’t like. Let’s ask you date the preference and pick something that you appeal to. You can also buy tickets online if you don’t want to queue and reserve the seats with nice views.

2. Dress in comfortable
Movie date is considered as a casual event and you don’t need to be formal. Remember that don’t be too flashy or frumpy if you don’t want to get attention or be judged. Don’t spend too much time choosing your outfit, instead, wear clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

3. Get to the cinema early
You should be at the cinema at least 15 minutes early, this show that not only you are very serious about this date but also you want to have time talking to know more about each other. Going directly into the cinema room can be awkward, buy some snacks and drinks, find a waiting seat and get comfortable with your date.

4. Don’t do personal things
Pay attention to the film and look how your date interacts you. The body language can indicate that you can approach and hold hand or kiss her/him. Never use the cellphone because even if he/she doesn’t mind, you are distracting to other people in this room. Moreover, during the film, it’s up to your partner whether or not to have some whispering and if he/she start talking, feel free to participate. However, make sure to keep your voice down to avoid annoying others.

5. Wrap up the date
There is a variety of options after the movie ended. On the one hand, you should ask your date’s opinion on the movie ended, share your feeling and if both of you are interested, arrange another date in near future. On the other hand, you will already have something (at least about the film) to talk so you can suggest for a drink or snacks to extend dating time. In the end, if you’re happy, let’s thank for a nice date and maybe you can follow up this relationship step by step, starting with texting every day.

DatEat eco-system supports both online and offline dating because they have a link between DatEat Live and DatEat Club. While DatEat Live helps to find and match couple, DatEat Club supports to find suitable dating places such as restaurants, cinemas and so on. Let’s go and find your love with DatEat !!!

DatEat Official

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