Social Network — Benefits and Drawbacks

Social network now becomes an essential part of life and it actually changes the way people using the internet over the decade. Nowadays, there is a variety of platforms where people can create their personal profile, content and information then share to family, friends and other people from all over the world. However, everything has two sides and this is not an exception, the increase in social networking causes some negative effects on the real social life of users that should be avoided.


Benefits of Social Network

Connecting to people all over the world: it is obvious that the main purpose of social media is to be able to instantly keep in touch with family, friends and others in anywhere. Simply turn on the laptop or touch the smartphone screen then open Facebook or Wechat, you can talk with your old high school friend who is studying abroad or make a new relationship from halfway around the earth.

Updating the newest information: just refresh your browser and “boom”, there will be a ton of breaking news and other information happened a few minutes ago. Thanks to the development of new technology, big data is processed immediately and published on accessible platforms. You will never be out-of-date because important things will be spread very quickly especially something “viral”.

Supporting business promotion: because of the “viral” effect, this is an effective way of marketing and communications of business to shareholders, customers and other partners. It is estimated 78 per cent of small businesses attract new customers through social media. It will contribute to increasing brand awareness via large audiences but in a less expensive way.


Drawbacks of Social Network

Fraud and Scams: the prevalence in the number of users brings up the hidden risks about security and privacy. Moreover, it will develop in form of cyber-criminals and cause heavy damage to the user system and business. “Global cost of a serious cyber attack to be more than $120 billion (£92 billion)” — Lloyd’s of London said in a report in 2017.

Social pressure: today, every single post on the social network will be judged by a thousand of people although it could be a personal point of view, furthermore, comments or reactions of audiences sometimes become over-controlled and insult the authors. Social pressure can put people in struggle leading to anxiety, depression and even suicide in some extreme cases.

Mental problems: it is undeniable that people are going to get addicted to social media and sometimes forget real-life conversations. There are a lot of reports about bad effects of social media on mental health that show distractions, nervous or fear of missing out. It is hard to say that which party users or providers should have responsibility for these problems but in term of users, you should practice a reasonable routine using the social network and hang out more.


A new social network platform from DatEat is expected to make a full use of benefits, minimise these risks simultaneously, thanks to the development of the blockchain system and others advanced technology. In the future, DatEat will bring to community solutions solving social problems and connect as many as possible people in world via stance “We are all together better!”