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Daniel Pasco

In my opinion Apple should revisit their whole price policy depend on country average salary. Right now still — for a price of new mac pro which cost like… 6–7,000 USD I can build up almost twice as fast PC machine which will do (from my own experience) everything faster. Speaking as VFX artist / video designer. Main point of apple right now is “flashy add-ons” which are not much of use for experienced artist used to work with tools from the beginning. Moving “color picker” into laptop bar or things like that doesn’t help (I was testing this in work) at all, in my opinion just artificial price increase for feature.

To not be biased — Mac could be good but not for this price. As for me (living in Poland), price of cheapest new mac book, not pro version, is a 2 x average country salary or one full salary of high grade office worker (both bought outside of country in USD, our country price is just out of any comment). In comparison, high-end PC bought outside in USD is around 50% of mac price and contain stronger hardware components (price after currency exchange rate).

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