Woo Dating App Rescued this Lovelorn Hairstylist

Her life was all about making women look gorgeous. But who would take care of her happiness? For that, she had to download Woo App!

I’ve been a hairstylist for the past 12 years. It’s a great experience to have women come in with hair looking distressed and unkempt, but going out with a completely new look — hair that is now glossy, shapely and blow dried.

My name is Richa, I’m a confident, capable and competent woman who has always liked the good things life has to offer… But there’s just one thing that I never manage to get right… Yes, you guessed it right… Courting and dating Mr Right…

I don’t know whether it’s commitment phobia or just a lack of good guys, but before downloading Woo dating app, I had been fairly unsuccessful in the dating game.

Moreover, working with women, just makes me meet more women. The odd guy in the salon really doesn’t account for anything, because dating your co-workers is definitely a no-no. To add to it, my salon timings leave me with only a few free hours at the end of the day…and just one weekly off!

Being a strong-minded person, I was averse to dating apps…and refused to change my view on that for the longest time. I simply could not trust these platforms. I had also often heard friends say that only escorts are on these platforms nowadays… Some even said you’ll find creepy guys who won’t stop stalking you.

But then I saw an advertisement online by the Woo app… It spoke about how women can now date safely through the Woo app because of their various women-friendly features.

I decided to finally take the plunge! I download the Woo dating app and kept it a secret from my friends for quite awhile… The fact that the women’s profiles are protected on Woo app also helped.

Soon, I started chatting with some guys on Woo app who were my age, and had similar interests. Then one day, while surfing the Woo dating app, I bumped into my current boyfriend… I asked him a few questions, and really liked the answers I got. Somehow, everything he said just made sense!

I was itching to give him my mobile number, but decided against it. Instead, we decided to use the Woo app’s phone service, where I could call him without disclosing my number… We spoke for hours through this service. Finally, we exchanged our mobile numbers through Woo dating app’s phone service, and we met soon after.

Thanks to the Woo app review, my dating life finally began… I now meet my current boyfriend regularly post work hours, and we catch up on our off days too if possible. We’ve really made no plans for the future… But I enjoy spending time with him, and just want to see where it goes. He’s a gentle guy, with not much fuss, and allows me to be ‘me’… that’s what I love about him the most.

I’m glad I finally took a bold step, and took some time off from scissors and combs to create a profile on the Woo app. I now feel much better about my job and my life…everything seems to have more joy and colour.

I would encourage every girl who wants to find a date, to download Woo app and at least give it a shot… You never know, you may just find a compatible partner on it through Woo, and you may finally get wooed by the man of your dreams!

Richa, Hairstylist (name changed for privacy purposes)

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