Finding love isn’t always easy, It’s Always worth it!

Anytime you are doing something difficult or big you will come up against resistance.

Resistance from yourself.

Resistance from family and friends.

Resistance from strangers who will criticize you.

Resistance from all the different challenges life throws at you.

And finding lasting love with the right person IS BIG.

It’s one of the most impactful elements of your life.

Yes, anyone can fall into a relationship with someone.

But to find love and create an amazing long term bond is a whole different kind of thang.

You want to go into it know it ain’t easy.

It’s hard.

You will face your greatest fears and insecurities along the way.

But you know what?

It’s also worth it.

You want to remember that just as much as you realize how hard it is to get there.

Today we have a new 5 Minute Mindfulness and Meditation for you all about this topic. Go here to listen:

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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