Can Activism Exist Without Anger?

This is a blog exploring a new world made of thoughts called the Jewel Net or Noosphere , as discovered by a Superhero DJ and a Tech Genius in a new Electronic Musical Sci-Fi Comedy series “The Techno Detectives”.

Art by Eric Drooker, on Pinterest

When Gigi and the Seuss first stumble into the Jewel Net, a world where human thoughts literally come to life, they are steering a ship through the turbulent waters of their own recurring thoughts.

The more negative their thoughts become, the more turbulent the waters are.

Creative or positive high-vibrating thoughts are what will lead to the building of scenes and atmospheres in this world — but that’s next level for these guys. First they have to go from scary thoughts to an empty neutral place, so they can maneuver safely and serenely. This doesn’t happen on the first trip.

On their first visit, Gigi and the Seuss are booted out of the Jewel Net when Seuss sees an island in the distance. On the island stand the children of south Sudan — all the kids he couldn’t save because he didn’t get the venture capitalist money for his second start-up in time. Why didn’t the investors listen to him?! He is so angry that they are both booted out and land back in our dimension.

But thanks to their visit and immersion in the Jewel Net, Seuss inadvertently summons the soul of his hero, Leonardo DaVinci, to explain why they were kicked-out of the world.

This is particularly timely during this time of political turbulence, and poses the questions…

For Seuss, who is all about bettering the world:

Can we have Activism without being consumed by Anger?

For Gigi, who feels like more of a creator:

How can you Love what you Have, when you know you want More?

GIGI: What if everything is okay just how it is?

SEUSS: That’s not how engineer entrepreneurs think. We think: ‘What’s a problem I can solve and for whom?’ The bigger the problem, the bigger the outcome…and the bigger the profit.

WE-R-1: Is it possible to love everything as it is, while also striving to make things better?

SEUSS: Why is the fucking robot teaching me about love?

GIGI: We-R-1 is a collective consciousness bot, and also We passed the Alluring Test. (wink) That means We finds me attractive.

SEUSS: Why is he-

GIGI: We is not gender specific.

SEUSS: Okay I get it! Look what I’m saying is — you’re asking me to be satisfied. But that goes against everything that being human means to me.

GIGI: You’re asking me to be aggressive. And I’m sick of having to push my way into everything. I’m right here if the world needs to find me. (She tweets) #justdoinme

SEUSS: You mean #justdoinnothing ? People are starving for no reason.

GIGI: Maybe they are supposed to be.

SEUSS: How can you fucking say that?

GIGI: I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, but what if there is a bigger picture you aren’t seeing.

SEUSS: The big picture is all I see, we’ve established that. There’s still so much wrong and I’m fucking angry and I can fix it! I can fix it, Gigi. I’ve got billions of dollars. But most importantly I’ve got my time and my mind-

GIGI: And your anger.

SEUSS: Yes goddam it yes — the world is fucked!

DA VINCI: Seuss.

SEUSS: Leonardo Da Vinci? How are you- how did you get here?

DA VINCI: Seuss, I want to help you access the Noosphere. What got you here won’t get you there. With science you have solved many of humanity’s problems. But to alter the vibrations of human consciousness is .. how would you put it… next-level shit. It cannot be done if you feel anger. This level of problem solving has to start from a place that is tranquil.

SEUSS: Aww hell, how do I start?

DA VINCI: (singing) Tell me something good!

SEUSS: What’s good?

GIGI: Anything. Your tea, your bed, anything.

SEUSS: I really like this chair. Its spins at just the right speed. And the guy who manages the café I go to, he always says ‘Hey Mister Freeze how ya beez’ and then there is the sidewalk in front of Trader Joes, and the tofu nuggets have you tried those?

WE-R-1: I think I speak for everyone when I say ‘Yes, who knew tofu could actually taste good!’

SEUSS: Not you, SlutBot — I was asking someone with a mouth.

DA VINCI: Okay, maybe that’s enough love for today.