Postcards from the Technosphere

Greetings and Welcome to the Technosphere. That’s where We are right now.

Left side: The Human Brain / Right side: The Internet

At this moment I’ve got several devices open, receiving pop-up messages from friends, people saying Hi, people sharing awesome things, people feeding me news, people giving me opinions. I feel connected to multiple communities of people at once, as if their engagement forms a strange combination of people I know from various places — yet I’m sitting in my pajamas in front of my computer. So many of us live our whole lives inside the Technosphere.

If you told a farmer in the 1800s — who uses his entire body to create sustenance from the Biosphere — that a person could feed his family using his brain, his hands, and a small light-up box, he would think you are nuts. And now that many people have returned to growing sustenance from the Biosphere, logging in to the Technosphere is keeping us connected.

Today I wonder — should I spend my time making a video for the Technosphere? Or go out and perform in the Biosphere ? There will be less people by the number, but we will all be in the same room, thereby co-creating the space and breathing the same oxygen. Is a physical interaction more potent? Is someone you meet in the Biosphere more likely to be impactful than someone you follow in the Technosphere? Not necessarily. The trick, however tricky, is a balance between worlds.

Long Sword, Short Sword

photo credit: Youtube

I coined a concept called “Long Sword, Short Sword” — an analogy inspired from the Japanese Samurai. The Samurai swordsman has two swords — the Long Sword is used to slash on-coming enemies at a distance with a semi-circle motion, to keep the perimeter around you clear. But as an enemy breaks past your Long Sword and enters your immediate space, the Short Sword is used for an intimate battle between two co-mingling energies.

The content we share on-line in the Technosphere is the Long Sword —it reaches far and wide and is impactful at a distance.
What we share in person in the Biosphere is the Short Sword — it is about fully connecting, co-creating and vibrating within a physical space.

To be a Master, you must hone the skill of both swords equally.

Consider one without the other: It’s the artist who made a hit song but doesn’t have enough stage presence to carry an entire show. Or, the opposite, a creator who can really sell you on an idea in person, but once you check out her stuff on-line, it doesn’t deliver in the same way.

The Noosphere

The Sphere of Knowledge is our next destination.

The Noosphere naturally merges the Technosphere and the Biosphere, so that you can reach through a huge span of life, space, and time and access people with full physicality — like a four-dimensional Internet.

Imagine you are riding a motorbike through a vast space filled with colorful pods — as if you’re in a life-size lava lamp. Your mind is clear…and then you think about someone. Or they are thinking about you. Or both. A pod in the distance lights up, so you ride towards it — and there they are! You enter the pod, and together you merge your thoughts to make the inside of the pod be anything you want — cloudy, furry, spacious, rainbow-filled…and in this world, it happens organically and without effort.

This is a blog exploring a new world made of thoughts called the Jewel Net or Noosphere , as discovered by a Superhero DJ and a Tech Genius in a new electronic musical sci-fi comedy series “The Techno Detectives”.