The Jewel Net

Meet the Techno Detectives, a superpowered DJ and a tech genius billionaire who solve metaphysical mysteries in a world made of thoughts called The Jewel Net


This is a blog exploring and creating a new world made of thoughts “The Jewel Net”, as discovered by two battling cousins in a new musical series The Techno Detectives.

The Noosphere, also known in this story as “The Jewel Net”, is a world made of humanity’s thoughts, memories, dreams, and archetypes.

Consider …

The Atmosphere is a world of space

Level Up>>> once you add inanimate matter, the same physical space becomes the Geosphere

Level Up>>> once you add life, the same physical space becomes the Biosphere

Level Up>>> once you add a world wide web of communication, the space becomes the Technosphere

Level Up>>> once you add the power of manifestation and emotion, you can access the Noosphere


Gigi and the Seuss stumbled into the Noosphere quite by accident — because they are opposites with complimentary superpowers, and also evoke strong emotions from each other. When all of these factors spark at the same random moment, they find themselves in a parallel dimension where thought forms have a physical representation.

Coincidentia Oppositorum, latin for the coincidence of opposites, is the goal of Alchemy — equal and opposite forces can push through dimensions in a flash.

Gigi and the Seuss are modern-day versions of the Greek demi-god cousins Hercules and Theseus.

In ancient Greek entertainment mythos, Hercules is the celebrity of the common people, an emotional underdog with super-strength who can control animals. Theseus is the champion of the elite city of Athens, bearing the qualities of intelligence and sophistication.

Gigi, also known as Girlcules is an underdawg pop-star who just won the American Heroine contest (in our prequel “The Adventures of Girlcules”); She is a social media sweetheart with the ability to control machines.

The Seuss (Theseus) is the swami name of tech genius entrepreneur Solon Freeze, whose three start-ups have not only transformed San Frangeles and Digital City, but the entire world, by solving global warming, restructuring Wall Street, and developing a metal alloy for a space shuttle to Venus. He also plays the keytar in his own band Sudden Thrust.

Superhero DJ … Tech Genius Billionaire — there is a reason why they are traversing time and space

SEUSS: Space not time — I think we can all agree time travel is bullshit. All the hours spent wondering how John Connor sent himself back in time to create himself — I want those hours back.

There is a reason why they are traveling together

GIGI: After I won the American Heroine contest, I decided there were more powerful ways to change the world than by being a Pop Star.

SEUSS: So, she became a DJ.

GIGI: When I’m spinning I feel like I can create the entire environment around me.

SEUSS: You can see it why it’s awesome to take her along to a world made of thoughts — her huge DJ ego creates thoughtforms so gigantic that I can hide within them and do what I need to do.

Fight an unseen enemy

SEUSS: Yes… Yes — You see, all is not right in the land of human thoughts and dreams.

GIGI: When we first arrived it seemed strange that there were these locked doors.

SEUSS: This world is like a blanket under which humanity sleeps — but somewhere, someone is bunching up the blanket! Who? And why?

There seem to be points — nodal points — points on the globe where strange vibrations are emanating.

…a strange hum which is altering the frequency of all human life on earth….even the archetypes seem to be changing.

Who is attempting to change the human operating system ?