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3 min readMay 2, 2022


Hey there buddies, today I’d like to talk about my experience with Dan’s Bacon dating programs.

First of all, to be honest with you guys, I’ve bought and devoured thousands of books on dating, flirting, speaking, how to keep conversations going, etc. and I have spent more than hundreds of dollars just to learn some of this stuff.

You know, when there’s nobody to teach you these kinds of things you need to learn by yourself and apply what you learn also,

So, for starters, you need to find a mentor, and I mean, a good mentor who’s actually speaking what he knows and not what he wants.

That’s the reason I’m writing this review, Dan Bacon is someone who can actually make a difference in your life, and I really mean it.

Dan Bacon’s Dating Programs

Dan Bacon’s programs every one of them is fit to satisfy x certain point for you, for example: increase your confidence, how to keep conversations going, how to get your ex back, and much more.

For example, this program: The Flow: Get laid. Get a girlfriend. Guaranteed. teaches you how to escalate conversations from the basic conversations of every day to more deep conversations, I mean, If you’re starting out and you wanna get laid, mate, you really need this program because is going to do so much for you in just a matter of days, all depending on if you put in practice what you learn.

Or, if you need to get your ex back: Get Your Ex Back: Super system is the best, fastest, and easiest way to get her back. Dan explains exactly how to improve your life, fix the mess, and get your ex with more passion, feelings, and attraction than she was before. It really works and it’s easy to do if you listen to his advice.

Dan Bacon’s dating programs are amazing and they actually work.

It has been the best investment I’ve ever made into my self-development as a man because I’m now getting the kind of results I always wanted with women and no other advice about women comes close to what I’ve learned from Dan Bacon

So, in summary, If you’re looking to REALLY learn what it takes to be confident, to be a man, and to attract women, get on the track and check out his programs.

I’ve written this post especially to help you avoid making mistakes and hiring bad dating coaches who only talk and talk and they don’t even know what attraction is, this is especially for young kid YouTubers and dating coaching women, anyways, I’m not going to go on and talk more about this kind of topic because you probably know what I mean and there’s a reason you’ve found this post.

I hope this post was of help, believe it or not, Dan will help you make a difference in your life, not only in your dating life but in your life in general.

If you’re serious about this stuff just check themodernman.com where he covers many topics related with: love, dating, etc. make sure to check that.

Kind regards!

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