Beautiful Women of the World,

We know you are angry with men. We know that for lifetimes the men of the world haven’t always known your value and your worth, and that it hurts you at a cellular level. We know that in the past men made the world about the pursuits of men, and you — simply put — have been at the mercy of that agenda for centuries. Men have treated you like property. Even today, you’ve had to rise up in anger and aggression to find your place, your voice, and your truth in the world of men.

All of your feelings and complaints have an origin. And as Consciously Awake Men, we understand and validate your frustration with said men, who, in their current state, are incapable of honoring your feelings and owning what is ours to own.

We understand that men need to be accountable for how they act. We also understand that when men treat you like garbage you slide into major denial.

Instead of looking at the writing on the wall, you allow your feelings to shadow your ability to hear and see your truth. You shut down. You shrink. You make yourself small. You hide.


You act as a person less capable and powerful than you are, because you have no idea how to be as big as you are… in a world of small men.

You may try to communicate the disconnections you see and know are true, yet you are invalidated, unheard, and rejected. You, as a victim, are blamed.

You wind up disheartened and disillusioned, pretending you don’t have needs, wants, and desires. You’re trying to go it alone, when in reality, you are lonely.

You are starved for emotional connection, true intimacy. Your soul needs to be nourished, but you don’t know how to get what you need.

You think about your love, your affections and desires, and that blinds you from what’s right in front of your face. You don’t see straight. You allow yourself to be abused.

These deficits force you to forgo what you see and know, and that which you don’t like becomes of less valuable than that which you need.

In the end, YOU are the one who hurts yourself. Meanwhile it’s as it should be. The mistreatment you’re receiving is teaching you a lesson. He’s treating you exactly the way you need him to treat you, so that YOU can wake up to the pain you’ve been allowing.

Have you ever thought about WHY there seem to be two realities in your relationships?

1) The imperfect dynamic you actually have: issues, unfulfilling, power struggles, needs unmet, and misery.

2) The perfect relationship in your head: where you are met fully, cherished, empowered, passionate, and free to be the best version of yourself as possible.

Do you ever stop to think: “WHY does this polarity exist?”

It exists because you don’t know yourself as well as you think you do. Unbeknownst to most people, relationships serve as a tremendous platform for you and your partner to learn your blind spots.

Who you want to be is not who you are if you act differently when in love.

If you think you deserve more and then ALLOW yourself to be mistreated, you are the version of yourself you don’t want to be, not the version you think you are.


Whether you want to hear this or not relationships mirror your relationship to yourself.

When that douche bag treats you like shit and you put up with it, that douche bag is a reflection of an aspect of you.

Those of us men who’ve woken up know that you want love, compassion, and understanding. You don’t need us to lift you to the heavens. You can do that on your own. You just don’t want us clipping your wings.

See, there is no agreement that we are here to be your Everything.

There is no divine law that says it’s a man’s place to bring women unyielding bliss.

Even if that is a potential between men and women… this world is designed for you to CREATE. Everything in your life is brought forth from you internally.

There is a reason we are singular. There is a reason we occupy a greater potential together, but before we can reach any potential you must know…

YOU are the creator of your life.

Whatever the world reflects to you, even the stuff that hurts you, devastates, and confuses you, it is all there for YOU to SHOW YOU where you are stuck and where you need to grow.

If a man waltz’s into your life and he doesn’t honor you, why are you compromising? Why are you sticking around, knowing you deserve more?

You all think you know what you want, but do you have any idea what it requires to believe in yourself enough and honor yourself enough to get what you want?

The fantasy is all fine and dandy, but the reality forces you to look at the truth: what you really believe you’re worth.

You have to show us that you know what you’re worth. Until you can do that, we refuse to take on your blame of us not knowing.

You can be angry with us for being honest. That’s fine. We can handle it. But at some point, when will you start looking inward? When will you stop projecting?

How can we honor you and love you to the depths you desire if you don’t love you to the depths of your being?

We only show up for you when you show up for yourself.

The men you are looking for are not saviors. We aren’t here to save you.

We are teachers and we respond to you the same way you respond to us.

We know when you need us to be something other than we are for you. And when you need that, we grow to resent you.

While you are waiting for us, we, too, wait for you — to find the courage in yourselves to not compromise on your deepest truths.

Stop making it about us. Everything you need is inside of you. And we’ll continue to elude your grasp so long as seek your answers externally.

When you do things for the fruits of your actions (or outcome), you are doing these things for the wrong reasons. Those false reasons will rear their ugly heads in a painful way if you don’t realize that all that you seek was born with you.

You don’t need us to tell you wake you up. Our sleeping brethren have shown you the necessity. Now, you need to wake up to your own self.

We know you want us to see you fully. We know you are dying to express your deepest truths — that you are not disconnected; you are not separate from us. You never were. But until you see, we can’t see you.

That’s how this works.

That’s what YANG and YIN are.

Both must awaken. Yet, it begins with one. YOU.

Nobody is coming to save you. You need to save you. You need to grow your relationship with yourself.

You need to own your truth no matter how terrified you are of rejection.

You need to be the LOVE you want. If you want flowers and sweet messages, begin writing yourself love notes. Be the love you wish to have from a man. Embody it.

Instead of always looking outside of yourself, to the world, to men to give you what you need, ask yourself: HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL? WHAT DO I NEED?

If you can begin your journey with what you want to feel and what you need, and not hold on, not wait around, YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOU SEEK.

It’s available, right here, right NOW.

The more love you can pour into you, the more love you have to freely give to the world. Watch what happens. You will begin to see all that you attract with your love.

While you find your truth, and while you learn to love yourself, we are doing the same. We love you. And even if we aren’t quite ready to meet, we will soon.


Keep loving. Keep being. Bask in your magnificence.

You do need us, but you don’t need us to love yourself.

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